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The pandemic has effected everyone, even our plants. Supply is low and limited this last season and going into the next season. Our goal still, and always will be, quality. We plan to use what beautiful plants we have and create wonderful pots for you.

Also, with a lack of help during these times, we will only be open on Saturdays 9AM-3PM for pick up. Your order will be ready the following Saturday of your order.

Pick up directions

Your plants are ready to come home! Since your plants are already paid for, the next step is easy. We will be open every Saturday (until October 23rd) from 9 am-3 pm for pick-up. Your plants will be there with your name on them and one of us will be there to help. Please note that your plants will be available the following Saturday that you place your order. To stay organized we will have a cut-off. If you place your order on a Thursday after 5:00 pm, your order will be ready on the 2nd Saturday. For example, if you order on Friday the 17th at 8:00 AM, your order will not be ready until Saturday the 25th. This cut-off allows us to have time to properly place everything out and organize. We appreciate every order placed and everyone who continues to shop with us during these times.

Any Questions, Please contact Becky at 920cats@gmail.com